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Repair and disassembly information for Samsung's flagship S21 Ultra Android smartphone, released in January of 2021.

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I dropped my phone in my pool

My phone was underwater for about 5 minutes and it worked just fine after I got it out but then I took off my case to dry it off and I think the case was too tight and some water got in somehow when I took my case off and then my phone started to glitch and not show the screen, I put it in rice and sometimes the phone would turn on for a few minutes and i could use it normally but then the screen turned off again but I could hear the phone working from messages being sent to it, after 24 hours in rice the battery went out and I tried charging the phone and it made a weird noise and the phone wont charge, please help what should I do... I can't let my parents know a bout this they will kill me

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rice does not fix liquid damage, it needs to be looked at by a technician if you want it repaired

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The pool wasn't that deep only about 1.5meter tall, My dad bought this phone off someone but he told me it was never repaired/broken which makes me suspicious that the guy lied since there's definitely water in the camera as I can see the water drops inside it... Its been a week since it was in the water and now the phone turns and charges but it gets hot fast and if i press the button to turn it off just once it shuts down the phone and i have to turn it back on, I'm assuming theres a little bit of water stuck inside and there is water damage, I'll go to a lab someday soon

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It was probably not a good idea to try turning it on/charging it before it had a chance to fully dry out. It's usually best to turn the device off completely until it has a chance to dry off before trying to use it again—this minimizes the chances of a short circuit damaging the components within.

That being said, you might still be able to open the phone and clean off any contacts on the motherboard that may have corroded to regain functionality. You'll want to follow our Galaxy S21 Motherboard Replacement Guide to remove the back case and access the motherboard. Then use 91% or higher isopropyl alcohol (99% is ideal) to clean off any corrosion you see. If that doesn't work, you'll likely have to start replacing components.

Check out this Samsung Galaxy S20 Won't Turn On Troubleshooting Page for a list of things you can try to get your phone working again. It isn't an exact match for your phone but a lot of that information should still apply. Good luck with the repair!

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