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Samsung Fold Dead Screen

Hi everyone, I bought this Samsung fold 1 more than a year ago and HALF the screen died within the first month. Samsung warranty service was so horrible to work with that I just gave up.

If anyone knows how I can fix it or where I can buy an inner screen please let me know,

It's a shame I never had the time to enjoy the TABLET phone experience before it died.

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Good morning form down under,

Sadly Samsung and their fold displays are really difficult to work with and the parts would be too expensive if you found them on ebay.

Even if you try to put it into ebay it's only going to come up with screen protectors (Not the actual screens). I think it might be worth another go with samsung support otherwise if u have the cash to shell out for a new one u can possibly try open this one and take the parts out. Besides, the outer screen works perfectly right?

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