Will the tristar checker work on the ipad 9th generation?

I bought a used ipad 9th generation. Was wondering if anybody knows if anything relating to to the newer model that would make it not a good idea to check it ? I don’t see tristar checkers being sold anymore is why i am asking. Thanks

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why do you need a tristar tester, have you tried an amp meter to check if it takes any power first

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I have one already, as a way to further check out the ipad. Amp meter draw still doesn’t mean there could be some other problems with the two chips that the tristar checks out. Just wanting to make sure apple didn’t charge something in the design to render the tri star checker a bad idea for the 9th gen ipad.

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No haven’t tried that . Was just wondering if there’s any reason not to use it on an ipad 9 just to verify everything works ok.

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