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La Valve Index Base Station es un dispositivo que se utiliza para rastrear la posición de los cascos y controladores de realidad virtual. Utiliza tecnología infrarroja para rastrear con precisión la ubicación del equipo de realidad virtual en una habitación, lo que permite una experiencia de realidad virtual más inmersiva y receptiva.

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How to open a basestation 2.0 from valve

Hello there, i currently run out into a problem with my valve basestation from last year. While working this one make an insanely loud buzzing noise (like something was block under the rotor or something close to it). I try reaching valve concerning the problem but they told me my warranty was already over. As right now, i'm looking for a place where i could get it fix or even just try to fix it myself but i don't know which tool would be the best to open the curve glass from the basestation. If anyone could give me recommendations it would be greatly appreciate.

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I don't think it's possible. iirc the dev commentary it's ultrasonically (or some other permanent bond) welded together... so taking the plastic apart is literally impossible without destroying it.

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I've just opened mine(out of warranty, so yolo), using a soldering gun, and just slowly cut the plastic with heat, it didn't come out pretty, but I managed to solve that sound and also make it stable once more, so I'd say it's a win. My issue, what was making the sound was a lil piece of tape that was on the rotor that was loose, just stuck it back to it, and it's a whisper now, and seemingly stable for almost an hour now.

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Tighten the screw in wall mount that mounts it to the wall. It might look tight but its loose. The wall mount is vibrating on the wall as the internal unit spins. I had the same sound and it wasn't until I moved everything to another room and remounted everything that I realized the cause of the vibration. When i went to remove the light house it was a little loose against the wall. I then noticed the problem again when I remounted everything and tightened the screw and the sound ceased immediately.

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