Offset Metric Feeler Gauge

I have a 1990 Honda Accord LX two-door coupe. It's time for me to adjust my valves.  The detail sticker under the hood says INTAKE: 0.26 mm. EXHAUST: 0.30 mm.

I want to make the adjustment of 0.25, and 0.29 since it has 150,000 miles.

I'm having a hard time finding offset feeler gauges with these measurements. Does anyone know where I can find an offset feeler gauge set that includes metric measurements between;

(0.24mm thru 0.30mm)?

With no skips in between!

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help?

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The way you normally use a feeler gauge "kit" is by combining different ones to get to your number, should be accurate enough.

Couldn't find anything that specific when I searched, so if really necessary I'd recommend to get shims instead, in those increments you want and just shape them to your liking.

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Thank you David for your response

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