Aspire A717-71G Searching for correct palmrest with keyboard

(My model wasnt possible to chose under "device", I just chosed something.)

I have this Aspire A717-71G that somebody had dripped some coffee on.
After that the keyboard is not working.
I took it apart and found out that the keyboard is integrated with the palmrest. (top cover)

Now i searched on eBay to find a replacement that I thought I did. But the seller tells me that it wont fit, because I have gtx 1050 and it's only fit laptop with gtx 1060.

First, how do I know if I have 1050 or 1060 ?
Second, is there such a big difference that it really wont fit ?
How will I know?

SN: NXGPGED0018040400F3400
SNID: 80401639934

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