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A1708 / EMC 2978 — Lanzada en Octubre 2016, este MacBook Pro de nivel básico retiene sus teclas tradicionales de función (en lugar del OLED Touch Bar). La versión con teclas de función incluye un Intel Core i5 y dos puertos Thunderbolt 3.

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My screen display slowly fades to white

My screen display is fine when the lid is at below 50 degrees angle but the fade started when i pull the lid above the angle

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Big ouch!

Sounds like the bendgate issue has come to claim yet another victim.

Unfortunately apple doesn't do warranty claims for these laptops anymore as they are past the 4 year period so your best options are:

A) Go to apple and beg until they deny you after a million tries OR

B) Get an ifixit kit, a new display and some patience as it could be quite some work in replacing a screen

For context on the price, I'm in Australia atm and i will be using eBay for my prices:

Screen alone: $399 AUD ($240 was the cheapest)

An entire laptop with a good screen (But faulty logic board): $300, And no that's not a rick roll)

Hope u can fix it otherwise u can get a USB-C monitor, detach the screen and use it as a full on keyboard attachment and have no screen obstruction. I know my friend does this as his has a backlight issue (It's the same model).


From Sunday Aus to Friday AUS, i will be unavailable as i am camping then.

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