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Cuarta generación del teclado inalámbrico hecho por Apple. Lanzado en octubre de 2015. Modelo A1644.

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Can I replace the slippery Magic KeyB keys with replacement MBP keys?

I love the feel of the MBP keys. I’ve bought three Magic keyboards over the last few years, but only one had the same feel (It broke and I recycled it, stupidly). Now I’m using the Magic Keyboard 2 (Not the latest one with Touch ID), but I hate the slippery and clicky feel, so much less grip. The keys on the MBP are perfect, but I can’t use them due to RSI and neck pain.

TL;DR - Can I buy a set of MBP keys and swap them out on my Magic Keyboard 2 (Wirelesss with rechargeable battery version). This Magic Keyboard seems to be the exact same type of mechanism as my 16" MBP.

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I don’t think anyone has attempted such a swap out. I would reach out to TheBookYard folks to see if they know. Or, review there keyboard information here Apple Key Caps

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Thanks. Seems like they aren't compatible so will look for another solution. Maybe key covers are a think!

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It's validating to see this comment—I have also moved from a MacBook Pro to a Mac Mini with Magic Keyboard, and despite my best efforts (literally getting an acrylic slab with cutouts to fit a Magic Trackpad below the keyboard, just like a MacBook), things are Not Quite Right. I finally ascertained that the keys on the Magic Keyboard just feel "slippery" in a way that the MBP's doesn't. I wonder if carefully applying pieces of matte screen protector to individual keys could help...

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