Vita error code c4-13901-4 when connect USB to PC/ Android Box

As the title mentioned, I can't have any data transfer via USB (the cable) because the PC not even recognize (no sound or notification at all) when plugged in. Whether I was using Vitashell USB mode or Content Manager, it just the same. But the strangely my Vita was able to detect whether the USB is connected or not and the charging is ok.

My Vita is PCH-1000 with Henkaku-Enso FW 3.60, using SD2VITA 512GB San Disk Micro SD card mounted via YAMT Lite plugin. Also got Sony Memory Card 8GB.

I did:

1) Change different new USB cables (5 cables so far by various brands)

2) format the Sony Memory Card

3) Insert and remove the Sony Memory Card

4) reinstall Henkaku-Enso including Taihen

5) Shift between Storagemgr and YAMT Lite

6) Rebuild Database

7) Check the external side of charging port, seems ok, no bent pins.


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