Why is my replaced joystick strafing hard left after replacement?

I had mild but consistent joycon drift in my left joycon that was making menu navigation impossible. Always a slight movement or drift to left. So I bought the replacement kit, but now the joycon drifts so hard left it won't even register moving right, only hard west, North West, or South West.

Any ideas? I've replaced Nintendo console parts before without any issues and this is throwing me.

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did u calibrate them?

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Yes, the right one won't register (haven't done anything to that one) and the left one hard strafes left regardless of if im moving the joystick or not.

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Make sure the plastic component is put together fully?

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Yes, I've taken it apart and put it together several times to check connectors and seating. On a hunch, I put the original joystick back in and the hard strafing stopped, so I'm guessing the replacement joystick is faulty.

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