Vibrates 3 times but doesn’t work

Wondering if anyone else has had this problem and a possible solution.

My Sonicare stopped working. When I press the power button or the up down buttons, it will have 3 short vibrations, repeat, and stop. It is charged and the head does seem to vibrate for those 3 short bursts. The only other thing I noticed is that when I press the up button to the middle or highest vibration strength, it will return back to down the lowest strength.

I have cleaned the around the buttons and they seem to be moving OK. Initially the power button seemed too depressed. I have now removed the insides out of the casing and it doesn’t appear to have any obvious defect. The magnet and battery have a good spacing and when I press the power or up/down buttons on the circuit board, it does the same thing (3 vibration bursts, repeat, then stop).

Any ideas?

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