Machine not Agitating/Spinning and Draining

Hello, I have a Kenmore model 110.29882890 that was making loud banging noises when washing/spinning. I ended up changing the wear pads and changed all of the suspension springs and the counterweight balance spring. When I hooked up the machine and turned it on, it filled with water but wouldn’t agitate or spin (this wasn’t an issue originally and was working fine). It did a humming sound and I could hear the timer calling for the next step (ratchet/grind sound). After inspection below, I ended up replacing the coupler (the black rubber was worn and had some minor cracks) and the clutch band (just the inner band as the small white pieces on the machine were cracked). I also checked the dog agits and those were in good shape. Put everything back together and when I turned it on, nothing. It’s making the same humming noise and I can hear the timer (same ratchet sound). There’s a very faint burnt/smokey smell but not sure if it’s the machine or the fact that I changed everything. The only difference from before is that now the agitator doesn’t turn at all when I try to manually turn it inside the washer tub. I can’t move it left or right. Water is still in tub. Any ideas on what I can check? I can’t find any additional info beyond changing the aforementioned parts from what i’ve seen on google/youtube. I’d appreciate the help!

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