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Calculadora gráfica vendida por Casio. Identificó el título "fx-9750GII" en la esquina superior derecha

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Why are my function keys not working properly?

My function keys are not working properly.

In Run-Math program, if I press F1, nothing happens. If I press F2, it opens a list of options in the botton (LIST, MAT, CPLX, CALC, STAT). If I press F3 it opens another list of options (V-WIN, FACT, STAT, GRPH, DYNA). If I press F4, it acts as going into the previous screen (For example, If I am in Run-math and I was in the menu before, it goes to the menu and if I press it again it goes back to the Run-math). F5 acts as the Left arrow key in text editors. F6 acts as moving back a line (selecting the previous line).

Every other button work as intended.

I tried to reset the system through the menu, but since the function keys aren’t working properly, I can’t select the reset option. I’ve also tried the small button on the back of the calculator, but it doesn’t do much.

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Hello Ricardo, did you maybe had a spill onto the keyboard?, also if the unit is old, ( i don’t know how old) some buttons might stop working , like buttons of tv remotes, it might be worth it to open the whole thing to have a look if its dirty or worn out . if its worn out, there is a conductive glue available from specialised electronic shops, just cover the tip of the missing carbon rubber with a very thin layer of the conductive glue , wait for it to dry, reassemble. also while you have it open, maybe then you can check if bridging corresponding pad of the reset option would do anything. good luck.

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Try to redownload the program. I had the same issues and it helped me. It gave me a lot of problems because I used it for education. Fortunately, this site saves me from failing lessons. But maybe someone has other more smart suggestions?

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