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Esta es la página del dispositivo para el Samsung Galaxy J7. El sistema operativo que viene en stock para el dispositivo es Android OS v5.1.

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My phone got soaked in perfume

so I put my phone in my bag with my perfume and other stuff when I wanted to take it out I saw that it was wet and then smelled the perfume my perfume somehow leaked and my phone touch and other buttons don’t work I can charge it but id doesn’t work I did put it in rice but its been there for like 6 days the sound did start working and some other buttons but the phone touch still doesn’t work I don’t know how to fix this someone please help

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Rice does not work for a liquid damaged device. Instead, the best plan of action for liquid damaged devices is to disconnect the battery, dry the motherboard and any other components, and to clean any corrosion with Isopropyl (Rubbing) Alcohol and a toothbrush or similar.

If you have dried all components and cleaned all corrosion off the motherboard, reply to this answer so we can help you further.

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