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Released in the USA on July 28th 2017, the Nintento 2DS XL is a handheld gaming console that is a streamlined version of the 3DS XL.

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Can I replace my 2ds xl game card?

Hi, I have a 2ds xl and while inserting a game card today, I heard a noise. The spring of the game card slot went out of place and now game cards won’t even fit into the slot, there is a metal part that went out preventing it. I’ve attached a photo with what I believe, is the cause of the problem.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Is there anyway to fix this?

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It can be replaced but it will need to be soldered onto the motherboard and will require serious micro soldering skills to do it. You might be able to bend the pin back in place with a pair of micro tweezers.

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Where do I have to put the pin? I've tried to put It in a side but keeps on getting of. I have never soldered anything and that is my only chance

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@G o l v a n i c can you provide a closer picture without the red circle? it almost looks like there is a spring or something stuck inside.

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Hey! I've used some light to ser whats happening in there. I am almost 100% sure my 2ds I done for. I haven't found any cases of It online and It seems really screwed. So yea, I don't think It has a solución :(

About the spring, yea, It is out of place, I gess It was used to click the cartridges in and out.

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@G o l v a n i c I see the pictures and yes you will need a new game card reader which has to be soldered to the motherboard.

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@xnriqux I have never soldered or even opened an electrónical device, but I am interesed on trying It out. Do you know were I should start?

That is my last question, thank you for everything!

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