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The MSI GL65 9SD is a budget gaming laptop made by MSI computers released in 2019. Repair guides and further information can be found here.

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No display on device or externally. Replaced Motherboard.

Exact Model is MSI GL703V. Device has no display when powering up. Disconnected everything from the motherboard, tried new HDD and SSD as well as RAM. Replaced the entire motherboard and still having the same issue. Not sure what else to try.

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Do your get anything while plugged into an external display?

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No, nothing from external display either

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Try unplug the display cables and boot it up with an external monitor, maybe its a faulty panel preventing it from booting up. Who knows until you try!

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This worked! Thank you so much, assuming at this point I should just replace the screen then? or could it be a problem with the display cable?

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I would do the cable first as that would be the cheapest.@kolton0131

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@kolton0131 Sorry for not replying man, don't replace the screen just yet. Try your display cable before buying a new panel

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