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El principal iPhone 2020 de Apple fue lanzado el 23 de octubre y viene con una pantalla de 6.1", sistema de cámara dual de 12 MP, y en cinco colores disponibles. Sucesor del iPhone 11.

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What is the black small squar things for? iPhone12 on magsafe?

Hello how are u all?

Recently i just changed the iphone 12 housing

There is black tiny square thing on mag safe magnet

it looks like made of magnet

My new housing doesn't have black thing so i also transfer but it's just sticky onto it

What is this for? I shouldn't transfer to another?

The black thing located in green Question Mark area as below picture

Block Image

Block Image

Another question

There is too much static noise while recording video

Is this very normal? Or some wrong with my repair?

Plz let me know thanks guys

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I saw your question.
2nd 12 housing maybe have not magsafe. it's tape.
Originally, 12 housing have Qi coile. it support mag safe.
your first replemane housing have coile,I think.
I recommend you don't replace new one.If you want to replacement storongly, you should buy from a reputable supplier.

And your another question
when you hear noise during recording or after recording.
you use original parts or replace it?
if you use not original parts,maybe it broken.
Buy a new one,please.

Thank your question,have a good day.

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