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Lanzada junto con el AirPort Extreme base extention, esta variante de disco duro equipado ofrece 802.11ac de velocidad en una cápsula del tiempo NAS (almacenamiento conectado a la red).

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LED cable disconnected during disassembly

I disassembled my AirPort Time Capsule A1470. In doing so, the LED cable (#3 in Step 4) became disconnected from the LED on the case.

Block Image

Block Image

(This is a ridiculous situation. Not sure why it wasn’t clipped to the case instead of soldered…)

If I were to solder in back on, which cable goes to which connector? Can anyone with a working one share a photo or diagram?

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The best way to figure this out is to use a volt meter to measure the voltage from the wires take note which is the positive side. The using a desk power supply with the current way down so you don’t blow the LED set the voltage tag the LED noting which side again is the positive. As soon as you get a glow then you know which way to wire it back up.

If you carefully take the back side clip off you should see a flat side that is the physical way to tell

Here is an example spec sheet for the LED unit Ultra Bright NIR LED note the power and physical case as that is typical for these LED’s

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Unfortunately, this connector has three pins, not just two.

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@paulschreiber - That shouldn't matter here. You are connected to the bare wires. Even if you are measuring off of the pins you should discover one pin is not connected.

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