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La séptima versión del iPod Touch de Apple, lanzado en mayo de 2019. Este modelo viene con un almacenamiento opcional de 256 GB y un procesador A10. Numero de modelo A2178.

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Why is my sound not working? It only works with headphones in.

My phone audio stopped working after i dropped it into the snow. It thinks that my headphones are in and wont play audio unless it has my exact headphones

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Hi it sounds like a little water damage

If you get some isopropyl alcohol and dip the thin end of a cotton bud in the alcohol ,while the device is turned off give the headphone jack and lightning port at clean to get rid of any corrosion or debris

And hopefully that will help

If it doesn’t give me a shout and we can go through more trouble shooting

Any questions please ask


Have a great day:)

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Hey sorry, forgot to close this! I figured it out. It needed to be updated apparently, or turned off for a long while. Thanks sm for the advice though!

- de

Your welcome

And btw we have the same name:)


- de

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