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Accidentally plugged into 220V outlet, how do I diagnose the issue?

Somehow managed to mess up and plug this into the adapter instead of the step down transformer. Now it won’t turn on even when plugged into the transformer. I opened it up and can see no burn marks, tested the fuse with a multimeter and got continuity. What would be the next steps? (I couldn’t find the schematics but honestly not sure what I’d do if I did…)

Any help would be appreciated!

Block Image

Block Image

Update (01/29/2022)

Wasn’t able to find the exact schematic for this model, but this seems close, or at least mentions the same transformer part number (NPT-1664D):

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Hi, did you fix it and what was the problem?

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The Pioneer VSX-831 service manual may be closer than the VSX-1131 one:

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@szxzx first thing to do is to check the fuses. In your case check the fuse north of the glass fuse. According to the schematic that you attached a link to it is F9001 which is a T1A 250V fuse. It is protecting the power board itself, not the large transformer. That is done by the glass fuse which looks like F9002.

After that you need to check the rectifier which you can find on the heat sink which is on the bottom of your image #1 Those love to go on the fritz as well.

Block Image

Looking at the schematic and the pictures you posted, there is a connector P9001A which is listed as AC-G and AC-H which according to the manual could be a 220V-240V connection. Can you check the serial number for your amp? I’d be interested in the last two digits. This may be the solution to your 110/240 issues for the future. It may just be dual voltage.

Just an answer which is a repeat to this issue from another great forum .

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The serial number ends with MDC, which means 120V according to the service manual. I thought I checked that but with so many devices one was bound to fall between the cracks...

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@szxzx darn it :-) I was hoping. Since schematics are already so scarce for this I bet I won't find the schematic for the 240V model. Back to using an up-transformer

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