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La PlayStation Vita es el sucesor de la PSP. Contiene un procesador y gráficos mejorados, e incluye la adición de un segundo stick analógico. Fue lanzado el 15 de febrero de 2012.

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PSVita torn off battery connector, board damage.

Well…. Im a bit of a hobbyist and I just wanted to disassemble a Vita I had sitting around in my drawer for fun. The battery connector came off with a small amount of pressure as I was just trying to disconnect the battery, no biggie right? I'll just solder it back on.

Well… on the 3 solder points, the one on the far left tore a piece of the board off. I'm going to assume this is probably something that is out of my depth and I need a whole new board. But maybe this could be fixed! Who knows?

Update: I just realized after further examination, another part of the motherboard has also been torn off, both of these parts of the board are stuck to the battery connector.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

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@epicgamer you could try and re solder the connector but run a jumper from the contact of the red cable front to the solder point in the back. Since you tore the solder point for the connector as well as for the connector standoff off, it’ll be pretty wobbly and could ultimately come off and rip more of it. I would just go ahead and cut the battery connector and solder the cables right to the board. It does look like the traces are pretty well separated and should not give you any issues.

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Huh, I didn't think of that! I'll definitely give that a go and I'll let you know. I've never soldered cables to a board before so you'll have to bear with me but, I need to peel back the plastic to expose the copper and then solder that on?

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@epicgamer yes you do have to remove the insulation to expose the wire. If you have never soldered on a boar before, get a junk board first and practice

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@oldturkey03 thank you for the advice! I've done some soldering before on boards with varied success haha...

I'll be sure to practice a bit before I take a crack at the real thing.

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You are seriously the I followed your instructions and the systems boots and turns on! I am so greatful for your help thank you!!

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@epicgamer you are welcome and enjoy your Vita

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