Apple Ipad no power, No charging. Help with battery bypass.

My IPAD suddenly decided to die one day.

I thought it was software. When I tried to hard reset it nothing, When tried with different combos of holding power button and home button and everything, nothing. Next up tried plugging into PC, Nothing. Left on charging for about a day,, Nothing. I had a 30 pin to vga adapter. Tried that to thinking it was dead screen, still nothing. Not even detected.

So I knew iPad was saying- open me which I did not want to, because I would break it. With a lot of patience heating etc I opened it but unfortunately on the last side I needed to open, I broke it but it did not matter.

Now after opening it firstly I cleaned all connectors and dried them and left for a day. Still no power. Next up I suspected the battery. Hence I tried to open it with a screw driver I had but screw driver unfortunately broke from tip. So next up I peel the tape on the left side of batteries to find 6 terminals, 2 on each battery, 3 batteries in total.

I power the center battery up by a 3.7 volt adapter and leave it for about 1 hour and to my surprise the iPad now shows the battery with 3 Red lines and charging cord on bottom.

I thought that it needed more charge so charged it for another 3 hours but still the same thing- Dead battery icon. I think either the battery hass died or controller board on battery has died.

Now I don’t want to spend any money and instead remove the battery and provide 3.7 volt (or whatever voltage) directly to the logic board. Can you tell me the location of where the battery goes to so I can try  and give it voltage there.

I want to buy a new screw driver set for iPad repairs but covid restrictions are put on and I need that iPad.


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1. Lithium ion batteries have a fully charged viltage of 4.2 volts. Using a 3.7v charger will not get them fully charged.

2. It is extremely dangerous to provide a non-current limited supply of voltage to a battery. This can cause the battery to puff up, explode, and/or start a fire.

Have you already removed the battery from the iPad? Do you have a soldering iron? Do you have experience in microsoldering?

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I want to remove it but covids it letting me go out and everything not essential has been closed so I cannot get a screwdriver of appropriate


I have experience in microsoldering, doing some from the last 2 years.

About the voltage, can i provide 5v and 1 or 2amps?

I will try to open it but i don't feel like i can, my laft option left is to cut a safety pin and make a flathead driver to open it

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