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Why won't my Samsung front loading washer get past the rinse cycle?

I have a Samsung VRT front loading washer we have had about 5 or 6 years now. It does not matter what I do, I cannot get this thing to go past 2 minutes into the rinse cycle before throwing a 4E error, which basically stops the entire cycle. When I push the “play" button to make the machine start running again it sets the timer back to the original number of minutes for the whole rinse cycle (i.e. the rinse starts at 19 minutes, it codes at 17 minutes, then it goes back to 19 minutes when I push play.) Google and YouTube have not been a whole lot of help. I will list things I have learned and/or done to try to be more concise:

  1. I know 4E is usually a code for a water inlet obstruction issue. I have cleaned the inlet filter on the back of the machine (we do that once a month thanks to our well water), and I have cleaned the water outlet filter at the bottom of the machine (again, a regular thing for us).
  2. It will run through the wash part of the cycle just fine, so that tells me water coming in is not actually so much of an issue. That seems logical anyway lol
  3. I can run the spin only part of any cycle and it spins and drains just fine.
  4. It drains well and I can hear the drain pump working as it always has.
  5. The drum spins great just as it always has.
  6. This issue applies no matter what cycle option I choose, and no matter what water temp combination I choose. It even happens on the “rinse and spin" only cycle.
  7. Tonight I started running wash after wash, stopping the machine and running spin-only parts of the cycles in between wash cycles out of pure desperation to not have to return to the laundromat again, and I noticed the wash water level inside the drum was higher than it's ever been and I was getting the 0E error for the first time ever, which is a washer overfill error from what I can figure out.

So am I looking at a water inlet valve/sensor issue, or would this seem more like a dreaded control board problem?

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What is the model number of the washer?

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It is a WF42H5200AF/A2

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Did you ever figure out a solution? I have the exact same problem. And have tried the exact same things.

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Don’t know the model but here’s the service manual that may help. It’s a direct download link.

Go to p.19 & p.24 in the manual for 4E error code possible causes and p.21 & p.26 for OE error code causes.

Also on the main pcb check around CN10 (see p.29) for corrosion on the harness connectors and also on the board as well. Just a thought.

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