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El Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver es una plancha de pelo. Se puede identificar por su número de modelo BH305C. La Deep Waver fue lanzada por su compañía matriz, TIGI Professional.

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Bed waver wont wave my hair on high setting its brand new

I purchased this waver and it won't wave my hair even on high setting why

Update (12/26/2021)

My bed waver wont wave my hair why

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Hey there, I totally feel you! I've tried different hair styling tools, and some just don't seem to work for me.

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kathysangel2 since it is brand new, I would return it. Things like this do not get better with age and will eventually lead to complete failure. Return it.

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I purchased it last year and never used it because I waited till my hair got longer it's useless can you please recommend a better one that will work ,as I have spray on my hair and it won't wave so I'm looking for a reliable product what one would you recommend I think I got a dud

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Thankyou will throw it in the bin

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@angel560 don't bin it just yet. I was with the understanding that you had just purchased it since you mentioned it was brand new :-)

Exactly what does it do when you use it? Does it warm/heat up?

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It heats up but won't wave my hair

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I wonder if it gets enough or b. the plates do not close tight enough or c. your hair does not curl with this device. If you are using a regular stylist, take it with you and have them give it a try. See what they think the issue could be. They are the subject matter expert.

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