Bought an Aorus B550m elite but it can't boot into windows anymore

Hello everyone

Bought an Aorus B550m elite but it can't boot into windows anymore trying to boot from USB doesn't work with neither UEFI, nor LEGACY mode. During boot (hard drive as well as USB) boot loop occurs and Sys Fan 1 stops spinning and USB keyboard and mouse lose power.I had to Q flash the bios to get this far, after the crash I had no picture and all fans spinning on full speed, no sign of booting what so ever.This all happened after I had installed Gigabyte APP Center and started using RGB fusion 2.0. After a color change, a blue screen crash appeared and what ever I try it doesn’t boot into win 10

Update (12/23/2021)

Thank you for your kind help. The computer needed to be ready the next day for Xmas. Since the processor voltage was normal and I could boot into bios I went and got a new motherboard just to find out that actually the processor got damaged by the initial crash of RGB Fusion 2.0. Unfortunately I had no other MOBO at hand to test the brand new Ryzen 5600x prior to me buying a new MOBO. Now I can't just RMA the first MOBO and since the processor was killed by Gigabyte's RGB Fusion 2.0 I don't know how to claim my money for the processor from Gigabyte. (I guess Gigabyte's app center was updating it's own app collection in the background when the crash happened.) RGB Fusion 2.0 just happened to be the first app that the app center installed

On every boot attempt with the broken processor, half of the system fans & the water cooling pump would experience a power drop might be an indicator that the processor got thermally damaged during that initial crash. Thanks again for your help, it's really been a nightmare

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What happens when you plug out the hard drive and any usb drives?

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Hi @driverlessuber,

Can you get into BIOS with a display?

If so does the BIOS show that it has detected the HDD?

Have you tried resetting the BIOS back to default values?

What is the history of the motherboard i.e. new, used, used - known problem, damaged etc?

Have you checked the PSU voltages to make sure that they're all OK? Here's how to do this using the paperclip test

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Thank you for getting back to me. I came to the conclusion that it's hopeless. The bios detects drives, CPU and RAM. I tried every possible fix there is, from CMOS reset, to flashing the latest bios, disabling CSM & resetting keys, trying to boot legacy instead of UEFI. Neither the GEN4 m.2 SSD, nor any USB thumb drive will boot up. The initial crash with cryptic hexadecimal blue screen happened while I used RGB Fusion 2.0 for the first time. After this crash the system wouldn't boot and show no picture either. The only way to get the system back to boot into bios was by flashing the latest bios file using the Qflash button on the MOBO. As soon as I leave the bios to boot from either USB or SSD the system will freeze after some seconds and the cpu fan will stop and keyboard and mouse will power down (USB power drop). Using the reset key will restart the system and allowing me to boot into bios again, but there is an error message PXE-E01: PCI Vendor and Device IDs do not Match appearing in 1 of 5 reboots.

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All parts are brand new, first install. Windows was working fine until I installed Gigabyte APP Center and started using RGB fusion 2.0.Aorus B550M Elite, R5 5950x, RTX 3060 12GB, 2x 8GB 3600MHz Corsair Vengeance RGB, Corsair CX650F modular PSU with 4 pin RGB in, Samsung 980 Pro 1TB M.2 GEN4 SSD, Cougar Helor 360 water cooling (the pump stops spinning every time a drive is starting to boot, no matter which fan header used)

Since I tried everything I can think of, it seems like I have to RMA the mainboard. I know it's odd since booting into bios is just fine and also Win 10 was doing fine until the initial sudden crash with RGB Fusion 2.0.

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Wondering if you have a faulty Ethernet controller and that is why it fails to start/boot properly.

Try disabling the LAN controller in BIOS and check.

It may be just a coincidence that something failed on the mobo when you installed the app.

Did you check the PSU voltages, you didn't say?

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