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Repair and disassembly information for Google's Pixel 6 Pro smartphone, released in October 2021. Identified by model number GB7N6 and G9S9B16.

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How to calibrate the fingerprint sensor?


I replaced my pixel 6 display, and went on to calibrate the fingerprint sensor with the pixel repair page. When the page starts downloading the software, it says “couldn't find the unique software for this device” and cancels the download. Am I doing something wrong? Any ideas on how I can get the fingerprint sensor working again?

Thank you in advance!

P S. I tried to swap the old fingerprint sensor with the new one, but I broke(cracked) the old one trying to remove it. So it's not an option for me.

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Hey Tilan, speaking as a Google Certified Technician, through the pixel repair process, there is currently issues with the finger calibration connection via Windows. So far, all of my store’s computers are not able to properly run the fingerprint calibration. The only time that I was able to make it successful was through another android phone, in this case was my Pixel 5, and another Chromebook. Got news that some other location starts to have it working on their computers, but don’t take my words for it

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Oh, thank you so much. I will try it with another pixel or a chrome book.

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I've got the same issue Any updates?

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Didn't have any luck. There's a bug reported at

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On Google Pixel 6 series, …we had problems with fingerprint sensor after replacing the screens. No matter if we use the original sensor, or the new sensor, fingerprint sensor wont work. We use Original google service packs parts of course and update the softeware to lateset relase…

Anyone else haveing the same issue?

more info here…

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