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Información de reparación y desmontaje de los auriculares inalámbricos Galaxy Buds Live con forma de judía de Samsung. Lanzado en agosto de 2020.

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Where can I buy a battery for the case?

Where can I buy a battery for the case? Which batteries are compatible?

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@poopdog the battery is a EB-BR800ABU and it’s actually the same as Samsung uses for some of their smartwatches. As for where to purchase it, I would suggest to buy a quality battery :-) from here Samsung Galaxy Watch (46mm) Battery or do an online search and see what pops up for you. Stay away from Ebay or Amazon……

While you are add it, create a guide for the rest of us so people can actually find out how to change the battery for themselves.

Imagen de Samsung Galaxy Watch (46mm) Battery


Samsung Galaxy Watch (46mm) Battery


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Thanks, added it to my cart. I'll strongly consider doing a guide, especially if this is added to the parts lost of the Galaxy Buds Live. Any advice about doing a guide?

- de

@poopdog follow the steps as outlined in my second link.

It's actually pretty straight forweard. Just make sure you have some good pictures documeting step by step. We can always edit the instructions separately and I can help you with that. It's those somewhat odd little items like your battery that makes such a big impact on repair.

Looking forward to working with you on that one should you decide to go ahead with it.

- de

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