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The MSI GS63VR 7RF Stealth Pro is a gaming laptop made by the company MSI in 2017. This page includes repair guides for the GS63VR 7RF-252US-BB7770H16G1T0DX10MH. Model Number: MS-16K2.

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Need to replace fans

One of the fans in my laptop is now making a load clicking noise and sometimes has difficulty spinning up on boot. When it struggles like this there is a loud scratching sound coming from the fan. The problem fan is the middle of the 3 fans. I tried blowing air through the fan with an air compressor from both the top and the bottom of the chassis. This did not resolve the issue. I am trying to see if there is a way for me to replace the fan myself, but I have no idea where to source the new one from.

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@m202 your laptop is a MSI GS63VR 7RF and you are already at the fan (disassembled your laptop)?

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@m202 the fans can be purchased as a set from places like this. Of course, only if your MSI is a MSI GS63VR 7RF ……

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