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AEG integrated fridge freezer - freezer not freezing!

Hi, My 3 year old integrated fridge freezer (AEG) has a freezer issue, its not getting cold anymore unless I activate the frostmatic function, this gets it to about -8 but as soon as it clicks off frostmatic it warms up again to 1 deg. opened it up behind the drawers, fan is spinning and no ice build up. HELP!

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This is a total SWAG. The unit has 2 cooling systems, so the refer is functioning. The freezer cooling system is functioning since the Frostmatic is cooling down below set value. Therefore, the problem must be in the normal freezer temp control. Either it is set too high or it is not functioning properly because the sensor or the control circuit is defective. Which one it is u will have to determine with troubleshooting and elimination.

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My mistake, frost attic is not working, as I have emptied freezer and monitored temp it is now 17deg and not cooling at all.

fridge part works fine

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OK, then the problem is with the freezer system. That includes the compressor, control board and temp sensor/control. Start by observing the compressor if it is running. Make sure u are looking at the freezer compressor. Then verify that the temp control is calling for the compressor to run. then look at the control board and verify there are no suspect capacitors. It could also be a loss of refrigerant which is not a DIY fix. This is all technical and may require a service call if u do not understand.

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