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Guides and support for devices that play video from Blu-Ray Discs.

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OPPO BDP-93 powers on and freezes at "OPPO" on screen

OPPO BDP-93 Blu-ray player


  • Connecting the power cord the red standby light comes on.
  • Pressing the power button (or remote) and the light changes to blue, unit screen displays “HELLO” then “OPPO , but no “Home Menu”.
  • TV displays the Blu-ray splash screen but that is all.
  • Blu-ray drive spins up, laser head moves, does a brief “search” and tray can be opened and closed with button or remote.
  • Fibre optic light is on.
  • After 15 or 20 seconds everything freezes even on/off button.
  • The on/off button must be pressed and held for about 40 to 50 seconds before it shut unit off. At least at first. Now it is longer than a minute before shutting off.

Further Steps:

  • Disconnected the “Region Free” hardware board, isolated analogue board and Blu-ray drive from power board and from the main circuit board.
  • Same result with lights and unit screen and TV screen.
  • Checked laser inside disc drive - works fine.

Unable to find any schematics or repair manuals or parts. The only OPPO Digital ( not to be confused with OPPO phones) service centre still in operation is in the USA and requires shipping the unit from here to USA and then back. No one locally repairs them.

They offered a few suggestions like unplugging from mains and holding power button for 5 seconds, releasing, reconnecting power, directly plugged into power point on wall, etc.

Power Board

Block Image

Digital Board

Block Image

Digital Board

Block Image

Analogue Board

Block Image

Interior Layout

Block Image

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It sounds like you probably blew a capacitor. look for ballooned ones and check sides as well. they should have the numbers on them so you can order new ones to re-solder in. These should be on the power side of the board. and I always do them all if I have to do one as then it will be good for a long time.

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Checked all that. Remember the BDP does display perfectly on the TV screen it is just that it freezes just before it would start loading the disc and does not allow the remote to bring up any of the menus.

- de

and did you check all the little resistors for corrosion? got any pictures?

- de

Hi @stressmaster ,

Yes checked visible resistors. Posted photos -very hard to take photos of circuit boards with so much reflective light.

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@aactech Ok it all looks good and doesn't look shorted anywhere. Since you get power the ceramic fuse should be fine. Next can you open up the disc reader? also check the belts and motors on it. also be sure it can spin up a disc? the laser eye moves?

the seek sound that it makes is that just the eye moving or can you hear the disc even spin to speed? It may freeze if the seek timer in the firmware reaches the max but wasn't able to see a disc area. Check the gears as well as one maybe stuck or have a broken piece if it has any.

it is probably sensing that there is a disc but somehow maybe not reading it so isn't getting the start option. it should work without a disc but if that sensor is dead than it may always think it has a disc.

for safety please wear polarized sunglasses when it is on and no disc is in as the laser can damage your eyes pretty quick but not instantaneously. better safe than sorry

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Hi @stressmaster ,

The thing is

"After 15 or 20 seconds everything freezes even on/off button. So no tray opening , etc.

The on/off button must be pressed and held for about 40 to 50 seconds before it shut unit off. "

The screen does not display the "No Disc" or "Unknown Disc" error.

Haven't had time to open drive yet. Thanks for the laser caution. Never hurts to be reminded.

- de

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