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La Dremel 4000 es un dispositivo rotativo de velocidad variable. Es compatible con todos los accesorios rotativos Dremel.

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Dremel4000 loud and excessive vibrations above 2500rpm

Got it used and clogged with what I assume was drywall caulk. I took it apart and detailed it. but now after reassembly I get severe and excessive vibration in the unit and can’t even use it above same level 5/10 and that is really uncomfortable. The bearings are good as they don’t appear to have any wobble or grinding when in my hand. this is only happening at higher speeds as well. I was thinking about adding tape around the back rubber bushing but does anyone have recommendations for the front? Should I remove the bearing seal and put a couple drops of gun oil in each bearing?

Any help greatly appreciated!

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I did check. And these seem never to be well balanced sadly. I'll probably place semisoft foam around stator and bearing will get plasitic shims. Only thing I can think of

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Hi @stressmaster ,

Just some thoughts.

I have rebuilt a number of compressor motors but not Dremels.

Sounds like some one used it where not really designed to be used.

Did it vibrate before you cleaned it?

The oil would only be a temporary fix but yes try that. Take a look as it may not need oil.

Could also be a bent shaft. Do the bits spin without a wobble?

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Could definitely be a bent shaft.. that would unbalance it for sure

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it sounds like something may be out of balance on it. Check and see if something got missed in the cleaning, or maybe something broke off?

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These symptoms are highly indicative of bearing issues. With these smaller size bearings, it's extremely difficult and unreliable to use 'feel by hand' method for checking bearing wear, as the bearing would have to be far beyond 'problem wear' level before it is bad enough to be hand-detectable roughness or slop. You will get excessive noise and vibration when the bearing is worn even at far less level than the wear required to detect by feel.

Greasing is also vital and key, however with you saying the motor had been very 'clogged' with debris, that almost guarantees that micro debris or abrasive particles did get into the bearings, so greasing them now would only be mixing new grease with the contaminants inside the bearings. However greasing them would (should) show you a change in noise/vibration, so at least you know the bearings are the source of the problem.
You 'might' somewhat remedy the noise/vibration issue by a thorough bearing cleaning and re-greasing, but it's likely you'll need new bearings.

The other issue with bearings is with looseness in both the solid front mount and the rubber-bushed rear mount.
A few laps of tape, trimmed nicely, around the bearing and between the rubber bushing (inside and out) often is used as a fix for any slop in the bearing-mount interface. Judge tape or number of wraps depending on your excess clearance, if any.

To 'Sell Private'... that part is the stator and I wouldn't recommend changing that as you'd just be throwing your money away, as that's the problem is far more likely to be an overlooked bearing issue, and extremely unlikely that the stator would be any part of your problem.

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Man... I have similar on my 4000... There are at any speed random slight speed changes, which cause vibrations, I brought it to Dremel SC and they said I have to replace electric schema and the rotor shaft... half price of new tool.... ok I wanted mine to be fixed instead to I agreed, but the replacement parts did not fix problem :( I and SC had no idea what to do. Now I bought also new brushes, and casing... to exclude possibility something not tight ... again no changes - vibrations there and speed has 5% jumping time t time, I`m so angry I also want to try now replace last part - this big coil around the shaft.....

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