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Released in 2010 and 2011, the G73 is a series of gaming laptops from Asus. Model numbers include G73JH, G73JW, and G73SW. All versions use an Intel Core processor and dedicated graphics card.

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G73sw blank no bios logo

Few days ago my laptop suddenly shut off, when I turned it back, it just goes blank, no bios logo. I already tried some solution like removing any hard drive, removing/switching ram, removing battery, connecting external monitor, holding power button for 30s/1m and so on, etc. But still no luck. I'm not sure what's the problem. Is it cause of a dead gpu?

I tried turning on while plugging my external rgb keyboard/mouse, and they didn't lights up. Does dead gpu also causing that? Or it could be something else? Thanks before

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From what I wrote above, I've tried them all without battery, direct plug in charger.

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@Sandria A. S.

Do you know that the charger is good? Does a charging light come on? Power surges can easily damage chargers. Have you got a spare good one?

Tried taking out the RTC/CMOS battery in step 18?

Asus G73 Disassembly to apply GPU and CPU thermal paste

Did you take out the 4th RAM module?

Looked for burned areas on circuit boards?

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Yesterday, I sent my laptop into a local service for checking. They told me it was the gpu. But I wanted to double check before buying spare part, which I wanted to discuss here.

So few mins ago I share him your comment, and he told me that he also already done checking the charger/adaptor, taking out cmos battery, switching/removing ram, and looking for burned areas as you mentioned. And his answer is still the same, "gpu".

But I still don't get it, because if the culprit is the gpu, shouldn't an external keyboard/mouse rgb will lights up when reaching bios? But they didn't lights up. or does that actually a symptoms caused by faulty gpu? I thought if the gpu is dead, at least maybe the laptop should able to boot into bios. I wanted to confirm what should i replace, I'm just worried I might waste money and weeks time for wrong replacement part

Thanks a lot before, sorry for your time

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@Sandria A. S.

Your laptop is 10 years old so is like a grandfather in computer years.

I really depends on what the repair shop is going to charge you for the repair. What if they replace the GPU and that does not fix it and the problem is the mainboard or the CPU, etc., etc.?

The tech could be correct and it is just the GPU. He may have done repairs like this before. He would have checked voltage levels, etc. with his equipment. I am not there so can't really answer that question.

The GPU could short-out power circuits on the mainboard.

It would probably be cheaper to buy a working used laptop, preferably locally with a limited warranty of some kind. The repair shop may have one.

I am always happy share my time to help others and I wish you good luck.

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