replacement battery goes in and out of charging

i have a packard bell EasyNote ENTF71BM, i bought a replacement battery and followed the instructions to calibrate to my laptop, but now it goes in and out of charging. i used the laptop this morning after fully charging, when i turned it on their was already battery life gone out, it said 5 hours battery left, however i then used it for 5 mins or so and it suddendly said 3 and half hours left.

could it to do with the new charger too? im not sure where i went wrong as i followed all instructions.

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@shauna25 were those symptoms the same before you replaced the battery? Why did you replace it?

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I initially replaced the charger because my laptop would only stay on while it was plugged in, so I thought it was the charger so I replaced the charger. That didn't work so I replaced the battery. I done as it said to calibrate the battery with the laptop eg charge it 100%, use it till it dies, charge it to 100% + 2 hours and now it won't charge properly its on and off charging :( so I unplugged it and turn it on and battery was going fast

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