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El PowerMac G5 es un ordenador de escritorio producida por primera vez en 2003 por Apple Corporation. Esta guía revisará el proceso de reparación de un número de modelo Apple PowerMac G5 A1047 EMC 2061 de 2004.

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fan noise as soon as I turned on the G5


My computer is working fine except sometimes I cannot make it

go to sleep. I hear a noise that seems to come from the fan, I assume is the fan because the computer works perfectly fine.

The sound is like a motor been tired a constant sound like

and rrrrrrr..rrrrrrr.rrrrr.

Any suggestions where the sounds it can came from?



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Do you have it closed up or have you removed the plastic cover? Is it off? Has it ever been taken apart? The sound is coming from a fan, we just need to determine why. How are you trying to put ti to sleep?

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I clean my computer in a regular basis, the plastic cover is in. I don't have apple care

anymore. I think shouldn't be a big of a deal to change the fan if I decide to.

When I try to make it sleep is from the apple menu bar

Apple /go to sleep, for seconds seems that is doing it. but a little click like

a switch. make it turned it on again.

Thanks for your reply.


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Let's check some settings.. Go to System Preferences - Energy Saver and check the bar next go to Desktop & Screen Saver and check the Start Screen saver bar.

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I'm not too farmilier with this mac, but it looks as if it's overheating (Or at least thinks it is). Have you removed the processer heatsink cover, and checked for leakage from the Liquid Cooling Unit? (This was only there in later dual, and quad models) try remoiving the cpu's, and cleaning the dust from the attached heatsinks.

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DO NOT REMOVE THE CPU's unless you have the fan recalibration software only available to Authorized Service Providers.

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There's software needed to re-calibrate the fans? Apple can't seem to meke anything easy on these machines, can it?

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I've been trying to get this software for 3 years.

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Me too! If anybody has access too this software drop me a line: info (at)

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The fan syncing software is on the original system installation disk. Start up holding down the "D" key.

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This is Ejaz. The Mac will not go to sleep and make those sound,if you are using 3RD party memory. Because on some memory chip,sleep controls only works only PC platform not on MAC. Mind you not all memory are totally compatible with MAC.



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You reset PRAM and NVRAM for setup default the sensors

turn off mac g5

turn ON mac g5

before you see gray screen down

holddown COMAND + OPTION + P + R

mac g5 is startup

and you wait ear 2 sounds of startup

now holdoff key COMAND + OPTION +P +R

the g5 setup now on default

when start up

go system preference

go energy saver

go nergysaver/option

go velocity of procesor and setup slow

with this your g5 work silence and fine

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