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The Hover-1 Rally is an electric scooter created by Hover-1. This scooter is rechargeable and designed for one rider.

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Rally Circuit Board Diagram needed to suader wires back together

The circuit board wires popped and need to be reattached but we don't know what color goes where

Update (09/08/2021)

Block Image

Block Image

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Please include a picture of the problem area. How many wires, what color are they and why did the wires "pop"? Are they burnt? How did they get disconnected?

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The scooter fell and the circuit board was caught up in something and was pulled off when i picked the scooter up of the garage floor.

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Here is a pic of what I'm talking about.

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What model of Rally is this? Rally 180? Rally 200?

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Not sure if you still need this...I don't have the diagram but I do have one that's complete that I took a picture of.

Block Image

Hope this helps. Maybe you can help me. I took mine apart and there is a blue wire with a plug that goes to nothing? Is this the same on yours?

Thanks and good luck!

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mine has a blue plug as well that goes to nothing

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