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Why is my touchpad not working?

Today I turned on my laptop (Windows 10) and for some reason I couldn’t see my cursor anywhere and when I moved my touchpad nothing would move. When I plug in my USB mouse, the cursor comes up and I can use my mouse to move it, but the touchpad still isnt responding. I made sure that the touchpad setting is on, restarted my laptop and when I tried to update the driver for the touchpad, nothing was there apart from a few mouse settings. Ive tried the Fn buttons as well so I dont know what the next step from here is.

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how did you treat the touchpad ?

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if its not software problems then it maybe hardware problem

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@lockxh Pretty well I think. It was working completely fine yesterday too and it just stopped next morning.

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you could refer to one of the guide to opening your computer and then maybe inspect it with maybe a magnifier and then find maybe anything that does not look right in a computer

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@lockxh Okay, I might do that as last resort. Thanks

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I had the exact same issue with a dell latitude 5480 where the trackpad I had tried everything I knew and eventually I had to reach out to dell for their warranty repair and they said all they did was reinstall windows 10. So I recommend backing up as much as you can and trying that

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