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This Lenovo Computer was released in 2011

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How do I repair my Lenovo M71z Motherboard's CPU Socket Pins?

I have a lenovo m71z and its motherboard socket pins are bend and i dont know how to repair it i tried all the solutions and i tried to put toothpaste as thermal paste i put everything back together i tried booting it nothing happened i tried to press the power button then it shows quickly show the green light of a (power supply) the fan spins for about 2-5 seconds then stops, i had an idea to try to bend the pins back

I can take a screenshot and show for anything so please help me

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That computer’s motherboard has a socket 1155/LGA1155 that can accept second and third generation i3, i5, and i7 CPUs plus a few other processors such Pentium Dual Core types. I assume that you were trying to upgrade the processor because otherwise you couldn’t have ended up in the predicament you are in. You must have dropped the processor or somehow dropped something inside of the socket to damage pins. You are in a serious mess, believe me. That socket has 1,155 extremely fine, very fragile brass (I assume gold-plated) pins, with a fairly complex shape that has several bends that allow the pins to have the spring action needed to establish good contact with the contacts on the bottom of the CPU.

It is possible to repair the damage provided you haven’t screwed up too many pins, but it is a very tedious and challenging job; I know because I have done it, only once. I happen to have a lab-grade binocular (“dissecting”) microscope that has a magnification range of about 10 to 50; I think I used about halfway in between. I talked to a computer repair pro who said he had done this only once, I believe, and his smartphone camera had a good enough zoom to get the magnification you need. As for a tool to do the work you must have a very high quality, fine-tipped set of forceps because the pins you have to try to repair are extremely small. You have to study undamaged pins to see the original shape that the pins must have, and they are not simple to re-bend to shape.

This is not an impossible task but extremely difficult and, frankly, you should head over to eBay where you can find a new motherboard for that Lenovo for under $100 and used MDs for about $40 to $50.

Update (08/24/2021)

Here are some images to give an indication of what you are dealing with.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

It would be useful if you have had brain surgery experience or know a helpful brain surgeon.

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Hi, what do you mean by "It would be useful if you have had brain surgery experience or know a helpful brain surgeon"

- de

Next time get a good logic about peoples opinions and what u are writing on this web

- de


I think that the person who answered meant that you would need to have the skill of a brain surgeon to perform the repair as it is a very difficult and delicate repair to perform, similar to what brain surgeons have to do when operating on a person's brain.

They have to be very careful and have a steady hand and know exactly what they're doing so as to not create more problems than originally existed as there is no margin for error.

I think it was intended as a humorous remark to emphasize how difficult doing this kind of repair is.

I don't think it was intended as a reflection on you or your skills.


- de

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