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Flagship smartphone from Huawei released April 2019. Featuring a 6.47" FHD+ OLED screen, in-display fingerprint sensor, 40 MP main camera plus 8 MP telephoto camera and a new earpiece speaker technology. Model VOG-L29 and VOG-L09.

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No audio from bottom microphone

Hi all, I realised my P30 Pro’s bottom microphone stopped working. All apps that use this (Shazam, Google) pick up no sound from it. If I’m on a call, i have to wait between 5-10 seconds (which I think is when the top mic kicks in), then person can hear me. I have factory reset, cleared all caches but no luck so going to attempt changing the microphone/ SIM board. Has anyone done this before with success? On eb@y there are some boards that have this little silver IC in the middle of the board, and some don’t (this is on the opposites side of the SIM slot). Does anyone know what that is?

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I changed bottom board with microphone and still doesnt work

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Yes same problem I had. Changing the sim/mic board will fix problem.

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You're on the right track.

This is exactly what the p30 pro does when the bottom mic stops working.

The mic is soldered on a small pcb that has the simtray on it.

Do inspect your part before installing it because I’ve seen alot of them being very badly refurbished for resale where the IC and stucked there with glue instead of being soldered to the board. It might be hard to see without a microscope, but I just want to let you know that that is a common practice with the P30 pro sim/mic board for some reason.

I hope this helps.

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Thank you for your response. There are 2 ICs on that board, one close to the mic port and one in the centre of the board. Do you know which one it is?

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I'm sorry, but I'm not sure I understand your question.

Just look at your board to see if the IC location matches what you are buying.

I think there maybe 2 version or so. That is because some countries uses dual sim, and some only uses single sim.

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I’m on a call, i have to wait between 5-10 seconds (which I think is when the top mic kicks in),

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