How can I open the Magic Mouse 2 without tearing it apart/ungluing it

I had this question since I was following the MM2 teardown in iFixit and it basically seemed as if you had to destroy the mouse in order to go in and clean it.

To answer my own question (and I just did this and it worked), you can just stick a spudger in the sides and twist to open 4 clips around the edges and then the top pops off just like that.

I went in and cleaned everything with isopropyl alcohol and it seemed to fix my issue of not sensing gestures/phantom gestures.

Video that I followed:

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Here’s the iFixit teardown’s:

* Desmontaje del Magic Mouse

* Desmontaje del Magic Mouse 2

There is no other way to gain entry into the inner-sanctum of this critter without force! Its not designed to be repairable.

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