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Procesador Intel Core i7-4720HQ 2.6 GHz 8 GB de RAM Disco duro de 1 TB 7200 rpm Pantalla de 15,6 pulgadas; Gráficos NVIDIA Geforce GTX965M Windows 8.1

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Stuck in boot loop and unable to factory reset (nothing in BIOS helps)

my computer died in the middle of a factory reset.

It was at a stage where it said “preparing your device” or something like that.

Now when i try to reset my laptop by going into the troubleshoot menu from the boot screen by spamming f3 i get the message “Please Wait”(with the msi logo of course) followed by a black screen for a couple seconds, then the msi logo once again with the message “undoing changes” however this never goes away.

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Were you able to come to a solution for this? Could use some help! Been on the please wait screen for 12 hours.

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@curlysuewhoo Is the computer backed up?

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If you were doing a factory reset then the only issue you have is to get it done. The quickest way would be to download an ISO file of your operating system from the MS site, make a USB disc of it and do a clean install of that.

I never liked factory resets because that reinstalls all the bloatware and is the original version. A clean install from a USB disc is just the OS and it will be the latest version so a minimal of updates will need to be installed once it is operational.

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It sounds like it is stuck in the middle of the reset. Hopefully the recovery partition is not corrupted. If you need to recover files from it, do it before trying these steps.

  1. From another computer, download the windows 10 media, or a linux distribution.
  2. Run it, try deleing the main windows partition (not the recovery one)
  3. Try re-running the recovery mode from the system, and it may restart the recovery.
  4. May need to fully wipe the drive and hopefully you have a recovery media to get it working, if not, a plain Windows 10 and download the drivers from your manufacturer is likely the best. If you don’t have the recovery media, you might be able to contact the manufacturer to get it.

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