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La revisión de 2016 de Apple a su línea de computadoras portátiles dirigida a usuarios profesionales. Cuenta con una pantalla Retina de 15 pulgadas, 2880 por 1800, Intel Core i7 de cuatro núcleos, opciones de almacenamiento de 256 GB / 512 GB / 1 TB / 2TB, 16 GB de RAM y un teclado equipado con una barra táctil. Lanzado en noviembre de 2016. Características del modelo A1707.

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How to change keyboard of MBP 2016 on my own

I need to change the keyboard. Is there any way to do it myself? I have not found the exact keyboard in any online store so far. I guess there is a reason why there are no manuals/tutorials for this procedure on this website?

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Yes, there is a reason. Most people will get Apple to do the replacement for free, using this program


Here’s a video on how to do it:

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Thank you for the fast reply! The problem is I can't cause I spilled juice over it way back in 2017 and they will not replace it in this case. The only chance I had from their side was to replace the whole bottom part and this was unnecessary expensive so I decided not to do it.

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Ouch! Then you'll need to replace the full uppercase assembly!

15" MacBook Pro, Top Case & KB US - Space Grey, Apple P/N 661-07954

15" MacBook Pro, Top Case & KB US - Silver, Apple P/N 661-07955

That will set you back $200 USD and you'll need a battery as well. and hopefully your touchpad is working otherwise you'll also need it too!

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Hey, that sound good! 200$ is definitely worth it, the Computer itself runs as if it is new. And the Touchpad works perfectly too. So thanks for the links I'll try it.

Can I reuse the Battery that is already in the Mac Book?

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Okay thanks for the tipps! It was really helpful

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