Why does my iPhone 8 lose service then restart?

It doesn’t happen consistently, but enough that it is definitely an issue. When I’m using LTE, my phone sometimes loses service (In the top left it says Verizon and shows one bar, but doesn’t show LTE), then cycles through having LTE for a few seconds then back to no service then usually restarts. If I try to do stuff on my phone right after it restarts it will usually restart again. When it restarts, it usually says searching in the top left. My phone also usually feels hot when this happens, the problem is worse when the phone is plugged in, and the restarting sometimes happens on wifi too.

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When did this start happening?

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I'd say maybe about 7-8 months ago. I went into the apple store and they just set me up with a phone call to their helpline. The guy on the call just had me reset my network settings and said see if that helps. It did not.

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