Canon G7X Mark II took a bad fall, attempting to diagnose problems

About a year ago, the canon G7X Mk. II was in the side of the car door, and fell directly onto the pavement. Not too high of a fall, but enough to pretty much total the camera. It’s not my camera, it’s my girlfriends, but I was there to see what happened.

So now it’s in my possession for a potential fix. I’m ready to take it apart and do whatever is necessary. But I just wanted a little help to find where the potential problem may lie

Here’s the behavioral patterns of the machine:

Upon Startup, there is one of three things that will happen;

1) The canon logo will display as normal, the lens will go forward and back, and then this will appear on the screen (pictured below). The amount of actual area shown on the screen is completely random, what the LCD usually displays is, pink, green, or a distortion of whatever is infront of the lens at the time it’s turned on. That image will stay until the camera automatically turns off about 20 seconds later. Also, pressing buttons does nothing while the screen is distorted.

Block Image

2) The canon logo will glitch out, like the picture above. I have not been able to replicate this since my early attempts. But I still wanted to make note of it.

3) The camera will not display anything. Usually when the LCD is flipped up this will happen, but this will also happen when the lens goes from an open to close position. Since the camera automatically turns off after 20 seconds, the lens does not retract all the time. So the camera sometimes starts from the lens open and closes upon startup. The behavior of the lens itself is completely random. It’s also worth noting that when the battery is low, the LCD will display the “Charge The Battery” message, the LCD is fine until it shuts down.

Block Image

I have a few theories as to where the problem may lie, but I’m not very well versed with repairs. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where to start? Any help is much appreciated, thank you :)

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