iMac Screen Blank after replacement - losing my mind!

Hey there,

I have an issue that is driving me crazy, I’ve replaced an iMac 21.5” late 2013 screen and upon turning it on it’s completely blank. To make things stranger I’ve done this 2 more times with other screens I know are working and the same thing has happened…on 3 machines! I tried a second screen on the first machine, the 2 open screens on the 2nd machine and now simply tried opening a 3rd (ensured it was working before removing screen), connecting both of the others and then the original and it's now not responding at all! I’ve done this many many times without issue previously.This time especially the 3rd time I obviously removed power, caaarefully opened the iMac, and gently replaced connectors etc. The fact I’ve tried this a number of time now makes me think there is something silly going on rather than me blowing small fuses on each machine. I have thought of doing PRAM resets but they are firmware protected and to turn it off well, I’d need to see what I’m doing. I’m now scared to try a different spare iMac in case the same thing happened. If anyone can shed any light on what I could try please let me know.

Many thanks.

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@bettercllsol what is the exact model number of the original display panel and what are the model numbers of the ones you've tried as replacements?

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They are all iMac late 2013 original parts, simply taken from working machines to try on the same model. The real issue is that after opening up the iMac and removing the screen and trying another, the original screen now also no longer works and this has happened on 2 of the machines. Identifiers: Late 2013 - ME086LL/A - iMac14,1 - A1418 - 2638

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Do those screens work again when you place them back into the donor computers?

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No, thats the strangest thing, just minutes after checking they were working and then removing them, trying them in the other macs and them replacing them back in the donor, they are not responsive. Because this has happened twice in a row it makes me think there is something strange going on rather than a defect I've caused. Is there somehow a possibility of this being a PRAM issue and if so would it not be a disaster for those with firmware passwords enabled... Many thanks

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