Ps4 not updating error CE-35888-2

A few years back my ps4 started not accepting discs so I opened it up and cleaned the rollers, laser, etc. After powering it back up, everything worked fine until one day a new update came out. I attempted to update and I got this error.

Today I tried to fix it and give it another go. I made sure all cables were tight and fitted and I even checked the rollers and the disc drive. I still get the error. People are saying that it is a problem with the motherboard or the disc drive being changed but I never messed with or replaced anything. Everything is original.

I’m thinking maybe I need a new blu ray cable or something and maybe the cables are bent a little.

Thanks. Any help or ideas are appreciated.

btw, I’m also doing a fan replacement in a few days and was wondering how I can prevent this error from showing up on my other ps4.

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