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Disponible desde Mayo del 2020, El MacBook Pro 13" incorpora un procesador quad-core Intel de 8ª generación Core i5 e i7, y una gráfica integrada Intel Iris Plus 645. (Modelo A2289/EMC3456 con dos puertos Thunderbolt 3)

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Any advice on removing the back cover of this machine,

I have tried multiple things including a suction cup, some old credit cards, my fingernails, and a stiff plastic straw, I ordered some actual pry tools to see, but I feel like I will still have issues, I have gotten a good amount of clips off but it is not a big enough gap the grab the button cover from the the trackpad area and pull forward

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The trick is to slide the bottom cover to the front and then lift.

I sometimes find junk has gotten into the grove area which stops it from sliding forward. I do two things I use strong duct tape to create a handle to pull forward on the front half of the cover and leave space in the center for a good suction cup to pull up and a second set of hands to hold the system. Then dripping some isopropyl alcohol along the left and right side gaps to help break the seal.

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Update (06/03/2021)

13” model

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So it seems for me what is stuck is the slide in tabs, I am unsure how to get them dislodged, I also noted that the model shown in the picture is a 16 inch, however I am almost 90% sure the 13 inch has the clips as well

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@gamerchapet - It's the same setup! Look at the added image

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@danj Ah so looking at that all I have it the two "Drop in Tabs" the rest is dislodged, but I have no idea how to get the drop in tabs to let go, so I can move the back cover off

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@gamerchapet - Slide and lift and slide a bit more. The middle drop in tabs need the lift.

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I manage to get it removed, now I am stuck on the part of putting it back, I am pretty sure it's just a matter of lining it up, just taking forever to line up. (Why did they move to this from the 2015 drop in design) *sigh

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