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3rd generation Time Capsule, model A1355. Released in October 2009.

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How do I replace power supply with external supply?

In the Time Capsule Overall page it says under upgrades:

Power Supply:" You can replace and or repair the power supply or remove the current power supply by adding a stand-alone power supply.

But there is no information on how to do this. The Model 1302 section says how to take the supply out, but not how to fix / replace it. I was given a 1355 that supposedly worked but I get no LED when I plug it in, so I suspect a power supply issue. How do I hook up an external supply either permanently or to verify that the rest of the unit works?

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Very good description of how to fix as far as I can tell. I'm not sure if I still have unit, as it's been a while since I asked, and I may have gotten rid of it. If I can find it will give this a try

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Unfortunately the website in this answer is no longer active.

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That's not a problem ;-) check it here:

FYI: has many of the webpages that are no longer active.


LDS (LazyRock)

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