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The Apple Extended Keyboard is a USB-A extended keyboard with an aluminum body and a numeric keypad.

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Apple Extended Keyboard Repair Advice

I have an Apple Extended Keyboard, which works pretty well, except for the W key.

If I apply very little force, it sometimes does not work, maybe two out of ten strokes. If I apply excessive force, it works every time.

What is the recommended way to troubleshoot this type of issue? I removed the keycap, but didn't see anything obvious, such as signs of spilled liquid or excessive grime.

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Give this a watch! Trying to FIX : Faulty Apple Keyboard Model A1243

Sadly, the pads often corrode which is the end of the keyboard.

You might find the Silicone Dome is bad, but I have rarely found that as the case Type-F Silicone Dome - Standard

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