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Is my tv dead?

Today I was watching an online class and a couple of mimutes after I left the class I heard a loud sound from my TV (model: 32LJ500U-ZB) and it suddenly stopped working. I tried switching plugs waiting 10 seconds or pressing the power button for 10 seconds but nothing seemed to work. Finally I ve now opened the back of the TV and there is no sign of damage except a black spot in the panel (picture below) Can I fix the TV somehow?

Block Image

Block Image

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Yes, it is dead. The charcoal around that blue device indicates that device is likely burned out. The slot in the board is there to provide air space between high voltage connections. If it was not there, the circuit board itself would not provide enough insulation to prevent an arc over.

Bend that device over and look at the bottom. You will probably see a crack in it. That is they way they fail. There may or may not be other failed components. The charcoal needs to be removed as it presents a lower resistance than a clean board.

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Can this be replaced and work fine or is it more worth getting a new TV at around 250 bucks?

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