Ps4 fan too slow to cool down the ps4 (fan speed always low)

I have a launch module ps4 that i bought about 2 years ago. I didn't know much about it then but later on a realized it was making an excessive amount of noise after i compared to my friend's ps4, so i watched some YouTube tutorials, opened it up and cleaned it with compressed air (it was clogged with dust) replaced the thermal paste and the thermal pads and that fixed everything , but then after a few months it started overheating and shutting down without even displaying a warning and i noticed that the fan is not spinning fast enough (it never changes speed) The was always spinning at the Lowest speed and no matter what i play it never speeds up ( i tried playing red redemption 2 and it shuts down in minutes) so i replaced the fan with another original one from another same model ps4 and that fixed it for a few days , and now the same exact problem is back

PS: APU reball is not an option because there's no one in my country who can do it


Apparently the fan does change speed but it's barely noticable and doesn't really do much to cool down the APU

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did you dismantel the entire ps4 before cleaning or only the top plastic?

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I dismantled everything

I even tested the new fan yesterday with an external power source and it spins fast.

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